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Bo Kamer Guesthouse
South Africa

Your cleanest and most comfortable stay in the town of Ermelo
Where everybody is repected as the crown of Gods creation

About us

January 1 1996

Hennie and Magriet Jacobs moved to Ermelo from Durban in Kwa -  Zulu Natal in 1995 with their 2 sons Ruben and Henkie.
They rented a house in De Bruin Park Ermelo that was for sale and because of that prospective buyers visited the house frequently in search for a house.
Hennie and Magriet started to look for another house to rent and asked the Lord to help them find the right house to rent. Hennie was following a Bible reading program at that stage that included 3 portions of scripture every day- 2 in the Old Testament and one in the New Testament.
The particular day that he needed an answer to his house renting venture he was reading Luke chapter 22 that describes a house with an upper room. He recalled the only house with an upper room that an agent has shown him previously.
The next morning he went to the house in 68 Fourie st, ringed the bell at 06h30 in the morning and asked the lady that opened the door in her pajamas if she is prepared to rent the house out to him. She responded negativly but indicated that she is willing to sell the house. Hennie went back to Magriet and said to her that the only option now was to buy the house.

Magriet objected and said that we have not seen the man with the water jug that was described in Luk 22. Hennie defended by sayng that we are living in modern times and that people in town does not walk arounf with water jugs anymore like in the early days.
Hennie being a pastor at the time told the story to his collegue at the church. Three days later Hennie's collegue called him and asked if he has seen the man with the water jug at 68 Fourie str. He and his wife was strolling around the neighbourhood and saw a small statue of a man with a water jug under his arm at 68 Fourie st. . Hennie responded by saying that he has not seen the man but that he will check it out. There next to the fishpond was this man with water jug under his arm.

Hennie told Magriet that now we have also found the man with the water jug and that we should purchase the house. In one of the readings for the day there was also an indication of the amount that should be paid for the house. An offer was made slightly higher than thas was indicated in the Bible passage but much lower than what the owner wanted and the offer was excepted.
The lady that opened the door with her pajamas told us later that she had a dream from God to sell the house to us for whatever we offer for the house.. The result is that the guesthouse was started in 1996 with one guestroom. The other rooms followed shortly and now Bo kamer guesthouse (that means upper room) have 12 guest rooms. All the glory to God that guide us unto all good things.
What we have learned from this is that God is absolutely trust worthy. We do not always understand what He lead us to but we have to have absolutely the trust that he is a good God that leads us unto all good things,

Henkie the youngest son has joined us on staff since 2013.

Best team ever!

  1. Manager
  2. Rooms & kitchen

Henkie Jacobs

Hennie & Magriet Jacobs


Thandi Mokoza


Garden & Maintence